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Interested in Rolfing®?

Does your body hurt? Are you feeling your age?


Schedule a Rolfing® 10-series for a standard Rolfing® fascial re-alignment. Add 3 movement sessions to your 10-series to build and re-enforce new movement patterns of body alignment.

For those who have already been Rolfed and find themselves in need of additional assistance, schedule a 3-session tune-up.

Note - You should be at least 6 months out of Rolfing® to consider a tune-up.

Q: Is Rolfing® painful?

A: No, the process should not be painful. When Rolfing® started, many thought that deep tissue manipulation was necessary to reset movement patterns. However, recent research shows that systematic, even pressure massage works well to realign fascia and reset your body. That said, you may experience some mild discomfort as tight muscles release tension, just as you would with any massage.

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